• What Is A Pest?

    Household pests can have an all too significant and damaging impact on our homes, health and daily life if not properly controlled. Here's a brief overview of some of the most common pests and specific threats they can pose.

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  • Pest Control

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    Pest Control

    Prevention Is Always Better Than A Cure

    Pests are all around us, whether inside of your home or outside
    waiting to get in. The truth is, who likes uninvited guests that eat and contaminate your food, drink your water, and even go to bed with you? Its virtually impossible for you to keep pests from getting into your home altogether. But that doesn't mean you have to make it easy for them.

    Integrated Pest Management

    We strategically service the interior, exterior and perimeter of your property by using five basic steps: Inspection, Identification, Recommendation, Treatment, Evaluation.
    Safeguarding the health of humans and their pets, and prevent contamination of food and living spaces.

    We have the tools, skills and 23 years of experience to do all these things and much more. Call to schedule an appointment to assist you in making your home Pest Free!

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  • Termite Control

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    Absence of termites does not necessarily mean elimination of termites. Termite Control is a process that includes inspections followed by control recommendations. Consistent, long-term protection of structures from termite infestations requires use of construction and landscaping practices that reduce conditions conducive to the foraging and feeding of the species.

    How Termite Control Is Done

    Termites Are Our Specialty!

    After the inspection is done. We then determine what control measures to employ for termite treatments based on our findings. Utilizing the newest technology in termiticides and control techniques, we treat the interior and exterior of the home. It is of utmost importance to make a connecting barrier around the home for the most solid protection. Next we may foam the interior wall voids where most plumbing can be found. Using this strategy, we are able to offer you a total interior and exterior protection package for your home that is unbeatable.

    Building A Home? Ask Us About Our Pre-Treatments
    Buying A House? Ask Us About Our Termite Inspections

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  • Home Inspections

    AAA Pest Control now offers even more value by offering Home Inspections in El Paso and Southern New Mexico.

    Home Inspection Highlights:

    • Free 90 day residential warranty
    • Free mold warranty
    • Free sewer warranty
    • Free 5 year platinum roof protection
    • Free recall check on major appliances and subscription for life
    • Digital photos
    • Receiving your report the next day from service.
    • Entering attic and crawl spaces, when safety and accessability permits.
    • Removing bath-traps
    • *Removing baseboards
    • *Accessing landscaped areas around structure
    • Lighting pilot for: Water heaters, chimneys and furnaces, when safety permits
    • Inform clients about preventive measures and actions with monthly newsletter and much more

    * For termite inspections

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